Angels Roost


6 X 1 hr dramatic series - IN DEVELOPMENT

As an ostracized heiress rises to become the most powerful madam in Montreal, she clashes with both the city’s corrupt elite and the streets’ ruthless Irish mob. 



Lynne Kamm is a director and screenwriter in film, television, and video games. Creating with heart and humor, she has been recognized for her work in drama, comedy, children’s animation and documentary.

Her screenwriting residencies include the Canadian Film Centre, Sundance Lab, Berlinale Script Clinic, and Praxis Fellowship; as well, she was shortlisted for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences prestigious Nicholl Fellowship. Her team was invited to participate in 2011 Toronto International Film Festival’s Telefilm Pitch This! event.

Lynne has acted as writer & story editor for three seasons of the Canadian Screen Award- winning TV series 19-2. She also was a writer for Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal, the #1 best-selling game in the US and UK markets when it debuted in February 2016. Her one-hour drama series Devil Pups is in development with Blue Ice Pictures in Toronto. 


Lady will kill Sir Hugh Allan. But first she’ll have to take down the Irish Mob.

She doesn’t know how, or when. But, at any cost, she will.

It's 1872, and the bustling port city of Montreal is brimming with growth and fortune. Fat rich men spend frivolously on carnal desires. Life in the brothel Angels Roost prospers under the clever MADAM BELLE’S rule, aided by her cadre

of high-caliber prostitutes. Unique amongst the residents is “LADY” LUCILLE ROLAND, their acerbic young landlady.

LOnce a revered socialite, Lady was ruined by the scandalous death of her husband, and her fortunes pilfered by the shipping magnate, SIR HUGH ALLAN. Lady is determined to exact revenge and reclaim the wealth that’s rightfully hers. Being ensconced in a brothel patronized by the city’s movers and shakers has its benefits. For there’s only one thing more valuable than

money: information. At Angels Roost information is currency and Lady is rich. With the scoundrels of the street at her beck and call and the sinful secrets of the elite at her fingertips, she’s never been more powerful.

As Lady becomes embroiled in a turf war with the Irish mob and exposes one of the biggest political scandals in Canadian history, she also develops a profound investment in the lives of

the women working in the brothel. These women all have their own tangled dramas that complicate life in Angels Roost. When the venerated

Madam passes away, Lady inherits both the business and the daily challenges of the women under her charge. She now must protect the brothel that she

has grown to love against hostile outside forces and dissension from within.

Heaven help anyone who gets in her way.