Sharp Corner


Feature Drama - in development

Producers: Marc Almon

Writer / Director: Jason buxton

A dedicated family man becomes obsessed with saving the lives of the car accident victims on the sharp corner in front of his house – an obsession that could cost him everything.



Based on the short story from Russell Wangersky's Giller Prize-shortlisted collection "Whirl Away,” SHARP CORNER is a tragicomedy that follows Josh MacAulay, a dedicated family man who becomes obsessed with saving the lives of the car accident victims at the sharp corner in front of his house.

IT project manager Josh and his wife Rachel, a therapist, escape the city for an idyllic country home – the perfect setting to raise their six-year old son, Max. But on their first night, a fatal car accident on the sharp corner in front of the house disrupts their plans. Rachel would rather erase the event from her memory, but Josh finds himself drawn to the tragedy and researches the victims and their families.

A month later a second fatal accident at the corner convinces Josh that he’s the true “First Responder,” and he secretly starts CPR training in anticipation for the next accident. Rachel on the other hand is ready to pack up and sell, and her case is made stronger by Max’s escalating OCD. Josh argues that Max needs closer supervision and offers to spend the afternoons with him. Rachel agrees to a trial run, unaware Josh’s real intention is to wait at home for another accident and the chance to be a hero.

But the third accident occurs just before Josh and Max arrive at home, behind the paramedics and firefighters. Josh desperately tries to insinuate himself in the rescue efforts and in doing so neglects Max, leaving him to wander onto the crash site and witness the carnage firsthand. Rachel is livid. She puts Max in therapy and the house on the market. Josh soon concocts a plan to sabotage a prospective sale of the house. When Rachel finds out, it is the final straw. She files divorce papers and seeks sole custody of Max.

Based on the advice of his own divorce lawyer, Josh commits to selling the house and relocating close to Max’s school. Josh initiates extensive renovations, drops the asking price and goes to great lengths to successfully off load the property. But Rachel is committed to ending the relationship and restricting access to Max. With her accusations of Josh’s erratic behavior, it appears the courts will be in her corner. Alone, Josh disintegrates deeper into his obsession.

On his final night at the house, as he’s loading his family’s possessions into a moving van, a winter storm begins. Josh sits in the dark and watches the cars, but as the freezing rain turns into ice pellets, the drivers start to take the corner with more caution. Josh ventures out with his chainsaw and takes down the sharp corner sign before passing out on the couch. He awakens to an explosive crash, and stumbles out to witness a crumpled, overturned car on his lawn. Josh frees a woman from the wreckage and performs CPR on her, saving her life. A bystander captures Josh’s act of heroism on his smart phone. The video goes viral with millions of views, and the story gets picked up by the major media outlets.

In a twist of irony, Josh’s lawyer leverages Josh’s hero status to overcome Rachel’s opposition. In the end, they successfully negotiate a fair custody arrangement for Josh.